Soluções digitais para eventos

Digital Solutions for Events

Gifts are important in fairs and events, but what transforms visitors into qualified leads is high technology added to a truly creative interactivity. And Vision, with 100% integrated communication, is a specialist in the art of positively impacting this type of public. 

This credibility has history. After all, it has been 20 years leading the best practices in event and trade show marketing, creating immersive, exclusive and effective experiences. All planned to reach Vision’s large account clients.

Digital solutions for events that Vision offers:
  • Captation of qualified leads
  • Totems with quizzes
  • Digital raffles
  • Totems for gift distribution
  • Gamification with high conversion level
  • Action planning and execution
  • Geolocation boosting
  • Exclusive applications
  • Video wall
Benefits of digital solutions for events
  • Sales process optimization
  • High-level networking
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Audience acceptance tests
  • Effective lead prospecting
  • Technological brand perception
  • Engage and strengthen relationship with the public


Estas são algumas das empresas que confiam na criatividade e no profissionalismo da Vision.


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