Customer: Microsoft
Project: Azure Mission
Solutions: Incentive Campaign, Endomarketing, Offline Marketing

Microsoft Brazil needed to engage its sales team to generate an increase in the adoption of its cloud computing services: Azure.

Campanha  de incentivo Microsoft Azure
Campanha de incentivo Microsoft Azure - Mobile


Vision planned and carried out an internal marketing action that touched not only the sales force, but also the direction and presidency of the company. During one morning, the incentive campaign promoted the sharing of information about the product, about the market situation in which it is inserted, and about the goals to be achieved by the team.

Microsoft Azure is a powerful suite of cloud services that helps organizations meet business challenges, a high-performance solution, Microsoft’s proprietary cloud technology. And, to promote the service among its vendors, the Vision Agency has gone the extra mile and launched “Azure Mission – A Microsoft expedition towards the cloud”.

Endormarketing Microsoft Azure
Ação endormarketing Microsoft Azure
Peças gráficas em parede – endomarketing
Ação endomarketing Microsoft Azure
Peças gráficas em parede – endomarketing

How it happened:

A specific room, called ‘Mission Control’, was set up for special training sessions for the entire crew. To promote even more immersion, we created a whole ambiance with banners and mobiles that were strategically distributed, besides a motivational video and stickers for notebooks. What’s more, the mission was already a success when “astronaut food” was spread around the cafeteria and a promoter, dressed in a space suit, appeared to give more lightness to the presentation of the incentive campaign and more weight to the results.

Stickers para Notebook Microsoft Azure
Stickers para notebook   Microsoft Azure
Brindes ação Microsoft Azure
Ilustração em endomarketing
Banner para ação de endomarketing Microsoft Azure
Banner para ação de endomarketing Microsoft Azure



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