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Customer: Microsoft
Project: Platform for Redemption of Promotional Codes and Prizes
Solutions: High-performance online system

Microsoft needed a channel to generate commercial promotions that met all the prerogatives of the legislation and that allowed campaigns to be quickly launched, aiming to build customer loyalty and leverage the sale of products such as Xbox and Office 365. Vision created a platform with the following premises:

  • Be fully customizable;
  • Allow multiple campaigns to run simultaneously;
  • Be accessible to the visually impaired;
  • Respect the LGPD norms.

Plataforma de Resgate de Códigos Xbox


Vision, with the experience of having already created a web solution for the Microsoft Brazil Xbox team, whose mission was to deliver promotional codes to users who purchased consoles and products within a specific period, updated and improved this tool to meet the new needs of the company: to create a Promotional Code Redemption platform. Vision was also responsible for managing, evaluating and releasing invoice submissions, checking them and assigning promotional codes that could earn bonuses for the Xbox platform and/or lucky numbers that allowed users to compete for prizes, including campaigns that raffled 0km cars. This platform was active for 3 years and will be back soon.

Fluxo para validação de notas fiscais - Case Microsoft
Fluxo para validação de notas fiscais - Case Microsoft
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Project highlights:

  • A fully customizable platform;
  • Compliance with LGPD standards;
  • Multiple campaigns running simultaneously;
  • Judicious evaluation of invoices;
  • Accessibility for the visually impaired;
  • Unlimited number of administrators.

Resgate de Códigos Promocionais - Computadores - Microsoft
Resgate de Códigos Promocionais Xbox Gamer Blood

In this project we have 3 stackholders:

MS Admin (role performed by Vision)

Responsible for creating campaigns, uploading tokens, selecting an analyst for each campaign, and monitoring the performance of each campaign.


Responsible for invoice validation and e-mail relations with users.


They submit the invoices and, if approved, receive the promotional code(s).



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