Customer: Grupo FCamara

Project: Hybrid Brotherhood Event – Together, we make a #FutureOrange

Objective: Vision was invited to organize an end-of-year event that could engage, inform, and also create a moment of relaxation for the company’s more than 1000 collaborators.


Well-known and award-winning in the technology industry, the FCamara Group is a leading developer of digital solutions. Recently, the company crossed the ocean to invest in Portugal to expand its services throughout Europe. And, in order to inform its achievements in 2021, tell a little of what lies ahead, and also engage and intensify the relationship with its 1,000 collaborators, the company asked Vision to create a different and attractive year-end celebration event.


Create a communication strategy and a 100% online event that could attract and engage the group’s one thousand employees.


To develop an end-of-year event with a dynamic that could attract and retain the company’s 1,000 employees during an online event. To enhance the communication strategy, several pieces were created to impact the employees in a more assertive way.


Vision created and produced the event: Together, we make an #OrangeFuture. The meeting, which was held via the Zoom platform, lasted 1h30 and included talks from some of the company’s executives talking a little about the achievements and what’s to come. In addition, a PlayStation®5 was raffled off. And finally, to close this moment with a golden key, the employees had an exclusive show with Cia. Barbixas de Humor.

To amplify the action, a dissemination strategy was developed with various pieces of communication, such as a Landing Page Central for registration, marketing emails and a series of countdown pieces for WhatsApp. In addition, Vision managed the entire online experience, from the organization of the pre- and post-event, video-animation, production script, team hiring, creation of vignettes, transition screens, briefing for guests, technical visit, to the organization of spaces and scenography.


The event: Together, we make an #FuturoLaranja was a success. It had a great public adhesion and a high engagement during the highlight of the night.



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