Social Networks: 10 strategies to leverage your brand’s digital presence

Agencia Vision · 10 strategies to leverage your brand’s digital presence

In a scenario with more competition, content and new social networks all the time, a succinct and assertive digital media strategy makes it possible to work out a tactical plan aligned to your goals.

If you are totally new to social media or want to revisit your priorities and planning in 2023, this guide with the main strategies to leverage your company’s digital presence will help you.


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1. Follow the platforms’ specifications

Each social network has specifications for the type of content that can be shared. They indicate what proportions images and videos must have, as well as character limits for text and how many hashtags, images, and links can be included in a single post.

These specifications are important when developing a social media optimization strategy. If they are not followed, content can be banned or delivered to fewer people, even hurting search and search results.


2. Increase brand awareness

This means getting your brand name out there. To create authentic and lasting brand awareness, avoid posting only promotional messages. Also focus on content that emphasizes the company’s personality and values. Even brands that are well-established in the market need to work with institutional content; after all, no one wants to see a product all the time.

Invest in posts that tell the story of the company, with trivia and proximity to employees. It’s about humanizing the brand!


3. Pay attention to the copy and the CTA

Using a good description in the posts and a good Call To Action (CTA) makes it possible to attract new visitors and followers to the page and convert sales. The best phrases for social media clearly communicate to the reader what you would like them to do when reading the text or viewing the post. These words can be: “discover”, “learn more”, “share”, “explore”, “see why”, among others.

The fear of missing out can also be an incredibly powerful motivator. Take advantage of this by expressing immediacy or exclusivity in copies and CTA’s. For example, “Promotion available” is not as compelling as “Promotion available only until tomorrow!”


4. Recycle relevant content

Recycling content can be a good strategy to get back to talking about a specific product or service that once did well. This includes reposting, retweeting or re-sharing any previously used content, either in the same or different format. Some ideas are: transforming a static post with extensive content into a video, extracting quotes, reusing content with a new visual identity and new information, among others.


5. Generate leads and sales

Whether online or physically, consumers do not make purchases by chance. Social networks offer countless possibilities and tools to generate sales. Are you alerting your customers about new products and promotions frequently? Are you integrating your product catalog into your social networks? Are you offering exclusive offers to followers?


6. Increase your brand’s audience

Bringing new followers into the base means finding ways to introduce your brand to people who have never heard of you before. Growing your audience also means being aware of discussions about your brand and industry on social media by monitoring specific keywords, phrases, or hashtags.


7. Boost community engagement and involvement

Social media is all about engagement, so it’s worth exploring new ways to attract followers’ attention. A report by Sprout Social’s 2022 Index™ showed that consumers want to see content that highlights a brand’s products, services and personality, as well as testimonials from customers who buy or have bought.

Even something as simple as inserting a relevant poll into Instagram stories can increase your engagement rate. Your customers can be your best salespeople, but only if you give them a reason to do so.


8. Drive website traffic

Simple as that! If one of your goals is to generate leads or traffic to your website, social media can help you. Whether through conventional posts or ads, keeping an eye on conversions and URL clicks can help you determine the best strategy to direct more people to a specific page.


9. Establish custom metrics and KPIs

Not all data and insights available through social networks will be relevant to your brand. According to the company’s strategy, target audience, and communication goals, analyze what is most relevant and work to improve results – whether it’s reach, views, clicks, engagement, hashtag performance, or organic and paid reactions.

If for you the number of clicks and leads to the site is important, for example, analyze the results to understand what is working (and what is not) and focus your efforts on that.


10. Track results on a daily basis

An effective social media strategy is based on numbers. Those numbers need to be put into a context that aligns with your original goals. Analyzing the performance of posts on a daily basis allows new ideas to emerge, taking advantage of the timing of content that is on the rise. This also includes keeping an eye on your competitors’ results and strategies.


If you want to know more about how to improve or increase your brand’s presence on social networks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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