SMO: How to optimize and increase the relevance of your brand’s social networks

SMO: Como otimizar e aumentar a relevância das redes sociais da sua marca

Agencia Vision · SMO: How to optimize and increase the relevance of your brand’s social networks

Being present on social networks with relevant content is no longer a differential for companies that want to stand out. With the growth of the online community every year, the brands that work the media strategically and analyze the results in the right way to implement improvements come out ahead.

For a long time, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been used as one of the main tools in digital marketing. SMO, Social Media Optimization, follows the same premise of optimization, but with a focus on boosting the presence of organizations on social networks and reducing marketing costs. The similarity between the two is simple to understand: lead generation and lead nurturing.

SMO is used to increase brand awareness about new products or services, and contributes to building a good relationship with customers. But after all, how to apply this strategy on a daily basis?


Choose the most relevant platforms

A good presence in social networks is not about being everywhere, but knowing which are the most important media for your company’s segment. In this case, a prior analysis of the target audience, as well as its behavior in the digital environment, is essential to define in which social networks it is worth investing. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter cater to a distinct demographic of users, so part of the SMO’s job is to adapt the content according to the possibilities in each channel.


Create content with reach in mind

In order for publications to have good engagement and reach the greatest number of people relevant to the brand, you need to think about shareable content. Long texts make it difficult to absorb the content and often do not hold the reader’s attention. Invest in artwork with more eye-catching visual elements, here videos are a good choice.


Analyze performance regularly

Extracting monthly reports to analyze the results of engagement, paid content and keywords, help to visualize the overall performance status of social networks. For example, if a specific piece of content did not perform well or had lower engagement than normal, you can test different strategies for the next post. Ongoing analysis leads to a greater understanding of brand performance and customer engagement, as well as which types of content perform best in relation to company goals.


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