Integrated Communication: Five golden tips to generate business

Comunicação Integrada: Cinco dicas de ouro para gerar negócios

360° Communication or Integrated Communication are terms used to represent strategies that encompass the entire customer journey, focusing on more than one area or communication channel. We often see companies of various segments and sizes replicating content on all available channels to reach their audiences. But is this enough to generate business? The answer is: NO! It takes a lot more to be successful in communication campaigns, and this involves study and analysis of trends, context, tools, among others. In this article, we bring you five golden tips to help your company generate more business using Integrated Communication effectively. Check them out!

1. Planning in first place

What are the most important information and messages that the company wants to pass on? Who should receive this message? Why is it relevant to them? How will the organization know the exact moment when this audience needs to receive this message? What is the best channel for this audience to receive, trust, understand, and engage with this communication?

Answering these questions while planning a campaign allows you to make wiser and more assertive choices, encompassing some of the key pillars: message, audience, context, and channels.

2. Knowing your audience

Communication is nothing more than the relationship that companies build with their relevant publics. For this reason, another important step in developing an integrated communication strategy is to assess and define key audiences, considering stakeholders inside and outside the organization – which may be employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and the communities in which the organization is inserted.

Surveys and social listening are powerful tools for capturing valuable information and better understanding your audience, generating insights to determine which messages can inspire campaigns, conversations, engagement, and action.

3. The consumer journey can be your best friend

With the “maps” developed from the insights gathered by research and analysis, you can find diverse communication opportunities. By drawing and understanding YOUR consumer’s journey, you identify the appropriate formats and channels for each step up to buying a service or product. Between discovery, problem recognition, consideration, and decision, there are endless possibilities!

4. Integrated -always- channels

Remember the term “integrated communication”? This also involves integrated channels – which we call omnichannel in the Marketing world – with the objective of working the channels so that they dialogue with each other, integrating simultaneously and working in sync according to the campaign.

Any brand can send content to several channels, but integrated communication ensures that the message is consistent and cohesive. Without this strategic thread, companies run the risk of losing trust or customers’ perception of inauthenticity. And you already know that trust is vital.

5. Let us do it!

Having a specialized team makes all the difference when it comes to implementing new strategies and transforming trends into opportunities. Here at Vision we have a multidisciplinary team of true visionaries to help your business. We look forward to hearing from you, let’s exchange ideas?

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