In recent years, we have witnessed a massive shift in workplace dynamics, driven by the increasing adoption of remote work. The rise of this new era has brought forth unique challenges and opportunities, especially in the field of internal marketing, where team engagement has become more crucial than ever.

Today, as companies return to in-person work, the additional challenge arises of managing teams in a hybrid environment. How do you keep both employees who prefer to be in the office and those who choose the comfort of home engaged, along with those who opt for the hybrid model?

Regardless of the chosen model, effective strategies have become essential for nurturing a positive work environment, fostering more engagement, motivation, a sense of belonging, and contributing to talent retention and productivity. In this regard, internal marketing plays a fundamental role in facilitating engagement and connection among team members, regardless of their physical location.

How to motivate your employees?

Transparent and regular communication

For employees working in-person, it’s important to consider implementing actions that promote interaction and engagement in the workplace such as organizing integration activities, bulletin boards, communal spaces for informal discussions, etc. In the online context, actions like special emails, regular newsletters, sharing success stories, and leaving an open channel for questions and suggestions are ideas to boost employee engagement. Remember that these actions can serve various work formats.

Strengthened organizational culture

Investing in building a strong organizational culture is essential to keep employees connected to the company’s mission and values. This may include conducting both on and offline events, workshops, interactive webinars, in-person lectures with online broadcasts, team-building events where everyone can work together on a project, preferably in-person happy hours, brainstorming sessions, among others. By adopting these strategies, a company can strengthen the sense of teamwork and belonging.

Recognition and incentives

Regardless of where the employee is, recognition and incentive strategies are essential to promote a healthy and balanced work environment. This can include access to online and offline courses, coaching sessions, mindfulness and recognition programs, regular feedback, and tangible rewards such as shopping vouchers, tickets to cultural events, discounts at nearby gyms or restaurants, celebrating special dates, and even small surprises sent to the employee, among others. These actions not only encourage good performance but also promote the well-being and happiness of employees.

Internal marketing plays an essential role in promoting engagement and building organizational culture. It is more important than ever for companies to adopt innovative and personalized strategies. This way, they not only face the challenges of any type of work adopted but also turn them into opportunities to thrive and achieve success.

Vision’s internal marketing case study

In this context, Vision has demonstrated its innovative capacity by transforming a physical event into a memorable online experience for a large multinational client.

Imagine this: a PetDay event that was initially planned to be in-person, traditionally filled with interactions between employees and their pets, gained a new dimension by being converted into a virtual event via Teams. The results? It was a success!

By bringing all the fun and information directly to the participants’ homes, we managed to unite and encourage interaction among employees in a unique way, even though each one was in their own homes.

Led by the charismatic digital influencer Luana Gazoni, we assembled a true dream team from the PET market including a trainer, animal behavior specialist, physiotherapist, physical educator, and veterinarian, and turned 1.5 hours into a true festival of entertainment and learning, entirely focused on the PET universe. From valuable care tips to activities such as massage and functional exercises for pets, we provided a complete experience. And more: in the end, we turned all the information into an e-book to send to everyone post-event.

This entire journey, from conception to execution, was carefully conducted by Vision. From hiring professionals to developing electronic materials, through rehearsals and the vignettes that punctuated the programming, every detail was designed to ensure the success of the event.

Interested in the topic?

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