Clubhouse: An Application Where You Show Your A-Side

Como funciona o clubhouse

But what is the new Clubhouse app?

Like every new app, Clubhouse will tread the 3 stages: wave formation, the crest of the wave and the froth :). We are at the exact moment of the wave formation and it repeats an old formula of exclusivity, the scarcity trigger, which is the limited number of participants and by invitation only.
This strategy in itself already brings a lot of frisson and awakens the desire to access it. After all, everyone wants to be a VIP, to be the first, to be part of the novelty.

How does the Clubhouse work?

It recalls, in a way, the early days of the Internet relationship. Do you remember the old Uol chat rooms and so many other platforms? Well, Clubhouse has that feel, only much better 🙂 On Clubhouse you participate in rooms where users get together to chat and discuss amazing topics, sometimes super niche, sometimes super comprehensive, but above all very interesting.

At a time when the important thing in other social networks is the visual, the pictures of your vacations, the big car, that smiley face in Bali, in the Clubhouse what is shown is the CONTENT, and by voice… people at most have the opportunity to put your photo (avatar) and a brief bio.

In Clubhouse people, eager to expose their ideas and opinions, find other people with affinities and subjects rich in plurality. They say that the application came about after the Black Voices Matter movement, and it makes perfect sense: to give people a voice and freedom of expression.

But how to participate in the Clubhouse app? First, it is important that you have an iPhone, because so far it is only available for that platform. Go to this link ( and reserve your name. From there you will have to wait for some friend to be signaled in the app that you want to be part of it and they can give you one of the 2 invitations that everyone gets when they join the app. Once you are in, you will also have 2 invitations to distribute to your friends. Once inside, it will invite you to connect your calendar so that you will be alerted when a friend wants to join.Use sparingly 🙂

In the speaking room, click on the “little hand” icon for the moderator to allow you the opportunity to speak, freeing up your microphone.

The main tip is: explore… explore… explore. There are dozens of rooms in all languages with the most diverse subjects. However, at this point, you can feel that there is already a lot of content such as entrepreneurship, digital, marketing and social networks. But make no mistake, if there is an interesting subject, it will be there. And it is already full of personalities, from Elon Musk to Sergio Portiolli (yes, he is already super active on the platform). If you have people with content (no matter what kind), you can find them.

And it is worth keeping an eye on the B2B opportunity in the Clubhouse (see how B2B also responds to podcasts), because it allows the approach of big players in the market… you know that CTO, CEO, CMO of a big company? He is already there.  Create the discussion about verticalized themes in different niches, it already happens!

Take advantage, come in and explore this new trend that can turn the game, such as the creation of Inbound Marketing actions that are so in vogue, it is also worth looking at a text we wrote about this!

Luiz Lopes

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