360° Marketing: how to generate more results for your brand and your audience in 10 strategies

Thinking about 360º Marketing means investing in broad and complementary strategies that do not focus on just one area or communication channel. Within this concept, it is possible to understand that each target audience, a primary asset of a business, can pass through different impact channels, creating the need for multiple journeys. Therefore, with an integrated strategy and a keen eye focused on these different paths, carrying the right message and encouraging a perception aligned with the objectives, but also with the needs of this audience, wherever they are, becomes a much more assertive and well-conducted task.


Give your ideas a 360°

We invite you to an analysis, the business you represent needs to generate results, correct? But before you think about your results, are you also planning what results, that is, what value you are generating for your audience? We invite you to broaden your vision and optimize your planning with 10 360° Marketing strategies with the potential to generate more results for your brand, and just as importantly, for your audience.


It’s worth 10

This content is the first of a special series that we have prepared for you, in which we will always bring you 10 strategies, ideas, trends, technologies, among others, that are worth 1 in common: generating value. Enjoy your reading!


1. Age of the consumer: CaS in charge

We have already talked about the value of the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for business. But did you know that there is a role, regardless of the hierarchy or sector of the business, that is even more important than that of CEO? We are talking about CaS (Consumer as Center), an acronym we created to anticipate a trend that has already become a reality: the consumer as the center, dictating the rules of any and all marketing movements.

This year, after the pandemic that transformed and accelerated the economic scenario and, consequently, consumption, we entered the Consumer Age, in which the demand for better experiences is an agenda that requires an almost immediate response. And so, brands that want to be relevant cannot only “fix”. In the Age of the Consumer, it is necessary to “premeditate”.


2. Into the cookie-free future: Authentic ads

Did you know that Google has a plan to stop tracking data via cookies by 2023? For the consumer, in times of agendas like brand responsibility over data, this is great. But for brands, in the long run, it indicates an urgency to rethink ways to offer personalized, consent-compliant services.

The collection of billions of data on the internet was a real goldmine for companies and advertisers who could understand what the audience needed and bet on ads that even changed consumption habits globally. Since 2020, we can see great advances in ads, which have become increasingly direct and clear. But with the future without cookies, the need for a strategic media planning that considers the potential of social platforms for public understanding becomes evident.

According to a GWI Core Q1-Q3 2021 survey, 26% of social network users say they tend to buy from brands they see advertised. This is promising, given that, also according to the survey, 98% of consumers worldwide reported that they have visited a social network.

In contrast, Zenith analyzed that social media ad spending will reach $177 billion by 2022, surpassing even TV ad investments, which were $174 billion.

Here, we can clearly see the potential of paid media for a strategy. Advertising is not the only way to promote a brand, but when it is conducted within a social strategy, it needs to be assertive to become effective. Thus, it is essential to change the mindset of the old invasive cookie strategy, which will give way to strategies aligned with the consumption that the public expects within a social network.


3. Authentic social networks

We start talking about social networks by giving TikTok its due crown, who would have thought that this young social network would gain the spotlight and foreshadow the future of social interactions?

Would you dare to hire people by the social network that is breaking old paradigms and dictating the new? Some brands such as Alo Yoha, Shopify, and Chipotle have started accepting applications for job openings through resumes on TikTok.

TikTok knows that the consumer is the one who dictates the rules, and with new proposals for original, authentic and interactive content, it shows us that ads, although effective, are not the only way to gain reach.

A proof of this is Instagram’s Reels format, which was implemented with an eye on the potential that TikTok’s authenticity-filled videos offer. Reels is a promising proposition to engage with real content that speaks to the user’s yearnings and observes the user’s micro moments. If your company is a tech company, why can’t it talk about food with an audience that engages with that? Break the paradigms with the master of the new consumer era: TikTok.


4. Interactive events: online presence is real

With the advent of the pandemic, events were some of the most damaged by social distancing. But every difficulty can become an opportunity: and the Metaverse is there to prove it.  We have already talked here in the blog about the potential of the Metaverse and how it is not just movie talk, but can be made viable in your strategy.

Some experts believe that 360° Marketing will leave offline actions aside. But we believe in the fusion. The offline will not cease to exist, but it will be integrated with the online.

Live broadcasts, with an audience present, avatar customization, a big screen with live questions from users who are interacting via video. A hashtag with your brand and your event that goes up in the trends. With Metaverse, your events create a new universe.


5. Gamification: internal communication in dispute

Internal communication strategies are the ones that need the most care not to be overshadowed by the transformation that the market demands. This is because, to reach a key final public, your internal audience needs to be aligned with your objectives and engaged with your mission. And that’s where good gamification strategies come in as incentive programs.

Imagine, for example, that your Technology company has a mission to get the most important project live by a certain date. Create a true journey, making those responsible for orchestrating the project victorious for each phase completed.

A gamification strategy does not need large investments to be viable. Relevant courses for certain areas, personalized recognition and giving a voice to those involved in social networks are some of the ways, which even humanize those who make it happen within your company.


6. User experience when navigating your site

So far we have already observed the potential of social networks to drive the new era of consumption, but what we notice is that many companies leave the postcard of any brand behind: the website. We use this postcard reference, which is very interesting. A postcard tells a story, reflects a whole essence, and transfers us to that place. And the most important of all: it is usually sent as a gift. When structuring your site, how about thinking about offering a gift from your brand, transferring all the value it has to offer to your audience?

A responsive, fast, and clear site is a must for any brand, after all, it continues to be a fundamental channel for attraction via search engines, within a good SEO strategy and its own disclosure, whether in ads or in organic means of social media.

When considering structuring a website, one should think of a complete project that involves architecture, usability, intelligence, technology, and the consumer as the center.


7. POS at the guerrilla

Does your business involve actions at the Point of Sale? Then it’s time to rethink whether your media is being interruptive or inviting. In a market, for example, in which our goal is to buy the things we need, we often go tired or excited, after all each public is different. How do we create an inviting strategy that interacts with the user’s micro moments?

It’s time to breathe and relax. Give a play and listen to a mantra to enjoy your moment. Wouldn’t you buy a tea, that more than selling the tea, sells you an experience aligned with your moment?


8. The voice has been transformed

Spotify is a worldwide phenomenon, at the moment we are writing this article, we are even listening to an inspiring playlist.  Radio is not dead, it has transformed. In an era that demands more and more presence, interaction and humanization, the voice plays a fundamental role in conveying the message that your company wants to send. Try translating the essence of your blog posts into inspired audio. Create podcasts, which we have already shown here how promising they are. Think about content that is more spoken than written. Give your brand a voice!


9. Disruptive Inbound Marketing

Today we find several companies that think about Inbound Marketing, but still cling to the old concepts, which are already outdated in today’s market. Inbound Marketing is attractive by essence. So how about thinking about creating interactive Landig Pages, with videos and podcasts. Offering differentiated rich material, an infographic with gamification that “rewards” the lead at each step? Betting on e-mais marketing that interact with the pains of the public, in a humanized way, who knows instead of a CTA for the site take the lead to WhatsApp with a chatboot that gives continuity to the theme raised? Inbound Marketing needs to reinvent itself to be attractive.


10. Vision for your strategy

And last but not least, after this shower of insights, we could not let this conversation end here, we want to continue this universe of possibilities, together with you. Here at Vision we have a multidisciplinary team of true Visionaries, who anticipate the vision of the market to transform trends into opportunities to generate results for your business and your audience.

When each client generates results, these results also become ours. So take advantage of this inviting moment to implement the new, and count on us to move forward in the journey of the New Age of the Consumer and 360° Marketing that takes, plans and creates his vision as the center.

Go to our contact page. We will quickly get back to you!

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